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About Us

Our mission is to equip all students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be resourceful and successful.  

Our District is made up of two elementary schools, a middle school, a high school, and a charter school. We provide a small town school environment for 1700 public school students and approximately 1100 students in our Summit Learning Center Charter School. Our service area covers an expansive geographic area of more than 750 square miles of Oregon.

Every day we look forward to working with our students, families and community members. Expectations for performance have never been higher for our students and staff. We are fully committed to continued improvement for every member of our team. Our community can be proud of the results. We are on a journey to being best in class.

Our "on-time" graduation rate is at record high levels (85%), this is an 11% increase over three years. All students are experiencing more time in the general education classroom setting, with their peers, and at their neighborhood schools. The Estacada School District no longer secludes, "pulls out," or segregates students from their classrooms based on learning styles and social or emotional disabilities. We offer first rate career technical education to our students with options and choices that rival bigger school districts. Our student, parent, and staff satisfaction ratings are high. 

By 2030, the Estacada School District will be a premier school district.