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Why choose the Estacada School District?

Student-Focused, Collaborative Environment

Competitive Salary 2021/2022 Schedule
(future salary pending union negotiations)

Medical, Dental, Vision Benefits

PERS qualifying

$2,500/yr Learning Specialist, Speech Language Pathologist, School Psychologist, Caseload Stipend

Approx. $6,300/yr National Board Certified Stipend

Mentor program

9 quarter credit hours per year in tuition reimbursement

Balanced School Year Calendar - 4 day student week, May Break

The Estacada School District invites talented educators, who are looking to succeed in a best place to work district, serving all students in an inclusive environment, to learn about our District and consider submitting an application for employment for the 2022/2023 school year.

Submit your contact info here

View currently open positions here

Veteran teachers provide individualized instructional support and coaching to our licensed staff. Our coaches share their expertise in a non-evaluative way. Modeling, providing feedback and collaborating with educators are some of the methods our coaches use to continuously improve best practice teaching strategies, keeping students at the forefront.

Lindsey Fullenwider

ELementary Instructional Coach
Years of Service in Estacada: 20

Rachel Perry

Middle School Instructional Coach
Years of Service in Estacada: 5

Kate Dean

High School Instructional Coach
Years of Service in Estacada: 9

Application Tips:

  • Start preparing TODAY

    • Update your letters of reference (or request them if you have not yet!)

    • Update your resume. Ask a kind, but honest friend or colleague to review and edit it for you.

  • Choose your preferred school districts. Research what they are all about - Inclusive Practices? Small District? Large District? Scripted curriculum? Know before you show up to interview!

  • Research salary schedules and benefit offerings.

  • Make your list of questions to ask in your interview...examples:

    • What's your favorite thing about working in Estacada?

    • What supports do you provide new hires?

  • Thank your interview panel within 3 days of your interview. A kind note or email goes a long way.

Please direct questions regarding the hiring process or available positions to: Human Resources Contact: Kelly Hayes

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ESTACADA SCHOOL DISTRICT IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EDUCATOR AND EMPLOYER. All qualified persons will be considered for employment. We welcome and encourage applicants of every race, color, religion, gender orientation, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, age, ability. Candidates requesting ADA accommodations and/or assistance during the hiring process are advised to contact the Human Resources Department at 503-630-6871 ext 2909.