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Reunification Event

The district will be conducting a reunification exercise of all middle school students and families on May 23rd.

The Estacada School District will be conducting a reunification exercise of all middle school students and families this Thursday, May 23rd at Estacada High School. Reunification should begin at around 2:15. Families are encouraged to arrive early, and should prepare for extended wait times. 

How will this impact the community?

Community members should prepare for unusual levels of traffic between 1:00 and 5:00 PM on May 23rd around 6th Street, lower Coupland, Shafford, and Pierce. 

How will this impact elementary and high school families/students?
Because the reunification is for EMS students and families, interruptions to other schools should be minimal. Elementary school bus routes may be delayed by around 5 to 10 minutes in the afternoon on Thursday, and parent pickups should plan for extra traffic. High school bus routes will not be delayed, but parent pickups will need to pick up their student at River Mill Elementary instead of at the High School.

What is reunification?
Family reunification is the means for safe and organized reunion of students with their families in the event of an emergency evacuation or school closure. All middle school students will walk to Estacada High School, where parents or other designated emergency contacts will go through the process of picking their child up. The school will release children to parents who have photo identification, and preapproved emergency contacts will also be permitted to pick your student up.

Why is the district conducting this drill?
The district is hosting this event to ensure that staff and families are both familiar with the procedures of reunification required after an emergency event. While the district acknowledges that it may be inconvenient for some families, the district feels that safety and preparedness have to take first priority

Families that need to opt out of this drill can do so by picking their child up from school by 12:00 on May 23rd. There will be no buses home or walking home options for EMS students in the afternoon on this day.  Families that participate will stay in their cars and be directed through a check-in line, where they will present I.D. and fill out reunification cards. They will then continue in line and their child will be brought to their vehicle. Identification will be required. Emergency contacts can be added or updated by calling our school office.