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Standards of Excellence

Welcome Back for another year of hardwiring Continuous Improvement and living out the Standards of Excellence Values. We are so excited to begin another year with intentionally recognizing of what "Right Looks Like" throughout the school year. Our organization is proud and anchored to our Mission, Vision, and Values, which is the vehicle that drives us in our Continuous Improvement journey. It's time to reflect and hardwire the core values of Standards of Excellence.

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SOE Perseverance


The Value Statement: Doing our best through hard work, dedication, patience, and persistence.

Here is what Perseverance can look like in action:

  • When possible, view obstacles as opportunities even if it means failing forward.

  • Never give up on ourselves or each other. 

  • Steadfast in keeping focused on our mission despite difficulties, obstacles, and challenges faced while striving towards success. 

  • Be flexible and embrace change. 

  • Celebrate overcoming obstacles as the reward is worth the work.



Value Statement: To understand different perspectives and care about the well-being of each other and those that we serve.

The behavior for empathy and what our value looks like in action:

  • Striving to understand the feelings, perspectives, and experiences of others in order to walk in their shoes. 
  • Foster personal connections and relationships among all. 
  • Embrace Culturally Responsive, trauma-informed, and restorative justice practices. 
  • Avoid making assumptions about the culture, behaviors, and motivations of others.
  • Become aware of the causes of students’ and families’ silence, and persevere to further engage them. 


Value Statement: Encourage one another to be creative thinkers in order to accomplish our purpose. 

The behavior for innovative and what our value looks like in action:

  • Use a growth mindset by continually searching for better solutions. 
  • Courageously try new things. 
  • Remain solution-focused and driven. 
  • Cultivate an environment of wonder, excitement, and discovery. 
  • Use data to drive decisions or outcomes


The Value Statement for consistency: Staying true to our core values to provide structure in an ever-changing organization.

The behavior for consistency and what our value looks like in action:

  • Set clear structures, boundaries, routines, and expectations to ensure students and staff can expect consistency in their work environment every day 
  • Unified in our best practices
  • Ensure our individual actions, processes, and systems are in alignment with the school building and district goals.
  • Communicate in a reliable manner with all.


The Value Statement for Respect: Respect in our relationships builds and sustains feelings of safety, trust, and well-being in self, others, and our systems. 

The behavior for respect and what our value looks like in action: 

  • Act with empathy, integrity, and transparency. 
  • Value everyone by listening to understand and respond in constructive, positive ways.
  • Honor all of the faces of diversity. 
  • Know and set aside bias when collaborating to maintain professionalism. 
  • Lean forward as an equitable educator, healing potential harm, creating a brave space for students and staff.


The Value Statement of Collaboration: Working together to achieve common goals.

The behavior for collaboration and what our value looks like in action: 

  • Seek the perspective of others to support the needs of all through the highs and lows. 
  • Put others first through a service mindset. 
  • Exhibit collective responsibility. 
  • Find joy in other’s successes and celebrate all wins. 
  • Share the belief that all of our students can demonstrate learning at a high level.


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